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United Prayer Calls Worldwide:


Daily links, Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7):

   2:30 am Colombia (Spanish) (4:30 am Bogota CO)

  2 am 24/7 United Prayer Antilles-Guyane (French) (5 am  Guyana FR)

  4 am 24/7 United Prayer East Coast (6 am New York US)

  4 am United Prayer Tagalog (7 pm Manila PH)

  4:30 am United Prayer Macau (7:30 pm Macau CN)

  5 am 24/7 United Prayer Philippines (8 pm Manila PH)

  5 am Southeast Asia (Khmer/Cambodian) (7 pm Phnom Penh KH)

  5:30 am 24/7 United Prayer Malaysia (8:30 pm Kuala Lumpur MY)

  5:30 am 24/7 United India (Tamil) (6 pm New Delhi IN)

  6 am 24/7 United Prayer Global, Los Angeles US

  6:30 am 24/7 United Prayer Myanmar, (8 pm Naypyitaw MM)

  7 am 24/7 United Prayer India (Hindi) (7:30 pm New Delhi IN)

  8:15 am 24/7 United Prayer India (Malayalam) (8:45 pm New Delhi IN)

 11 am 24/7 United Prayer West Africa (7 pm Abuja NG)

 12 nn 24/7 United Prayer Southern Africa (9 pm Harare ZW)

  1:30 pm Bordeaux, France (French) (9:30 pm Bordeaux FR)

  1:30 pm 24/7 United Prayer South Pacific (7:30 am Sydney AU)

  3 pm 24/7 United Prayer Asia (6 am Manila PH)

  3 pm 24/7 United Prayer Indonesia (Indonesian) (5 am Jakarta ID)

  3 pm Perth (6 am Perth AU)

  4 pm 24/7 United Prayer Thailand (English & Thai) (6 am Bangkok TH)

  4 pm Immanuel SDA Church (7 pm Toronto CA)

  5 pm 24/7 United Prayer Canada (8 pm Toronto CA)

  5:45 pm 24/7 United Prayer India (6:15 am New Delhi IN)

  7 pm 24/7 United Prayer North America, Loma Linda US

  8 pm 24/7 United Prayer Africa (6 am Nairobi KE)

  8 pm Greater Seattle FilAm Church, Seattle US

  9 pm Doha (7 am Doha QA)

  9 pm MENA - (Middle East and North Africa) (7 am Cairo EG)

10 pm Bordeaux, France (French) (6 am Bordeaux FR, except Saturdays) 

10:15 pm 24/7 United Prayer France (French) (6:15 am Dijon FR) 

12:30 pm 24/7 United Prayer Europe (7:30 am London UK)

English is used in all groups, except where indicated.

24/7 United Prayer (schedules & links)


Other Zoom sessions:

   4 am PPC Evening Manna (7 pm Manila PH)

   2 pm PPC Morning Manna (5 am Manila PH)


We are a Christian community who seeks to be inspired through fellowship, prayers, Bible study and sharing, so we can inspire others.